BIM Modeling

Due to the BIM technology used by us we can offer our customers accuracy in the work, more accurate processing of the documentation accompanying the project, high quality and optimization of materials and resources.
Compared to the traditional 2D design, the construction models created via the BIM technology facilitate the entering of information about each part of the structures, help the quality control and revision management. In this method the whole construction documentation is created and entered in a centralized BIM model. Thus the different specialists can communicate the parameters of a building much more easily and quickly. Misunderstanding between the different participants in the project is avoided, which saves customers’ time and money.
The BIM technology can accompany the entire life of a building – from the idea of its creation, during the construction and operation until its demolition.
KREYO works with the latest versions of the BIM software available. We continuously improve our knowledge in this area and are looking for ways to optimize our work with the various programs.
KREYO’s team constantly enriches their knowledge by visiting specialized courses and expositions for BIM software and working in partnership with established professionals. This allows us to get acquainted with the latest trends in the field and to be beneficial to our customers to the maximum.