We are a team of structural engineers. We work with design offices specialized in civil engineering that lack the resources to make executive drawings and would like to have a trusted partner with whom communication runs easily and projects run smoothly even in dynamic and tense situations.

What distinguishes our work from other draftsmen is that in addition to the technical skills for making the drawings, we also have the knowledge of an engineer regarding the individual parts of the structure. We easily adapt to different work systems and know the basic steps that projects go through. We are fluent in written and spoken French and English and this allows us to communicate easily with our clients.

Thanks to this, they save time from working on their projects related to communication, corrections and validation of different elements. As a result, our clients can focus on their daily tasks because they are confident that our expertise will help the smooth completion of their projects.

Our commitments

Detailed documentation : The expertise we got in our work during the years helps us to produce accurate technical documentation. We believe that as we say “The devil is in the detail”, this is why we always pay attention to every single detail in our work and we implement an internal control to every document we deliver.

Creative approach : Nevertheless we have worked on over 300 projects all along the years we never had two identical ones. It’s true that many projects look alike but in order to get the best solution it’s essential to examine the problems from different point of view. Challenges don’t scare us! They give us the possibility to look for solutions out of the box and to whip up our imagination!

Qualified engineers : We are a team of experienced civil engineers with great sense of responsibility and devotion to our work. We offer a high level of expertise and we always seek to improve our skills, to implement new technologies and creative solutions for the technical realization of the projects we are working on.