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Structural Drafting & Design

We are
Kremena Miteva and Yordan Mitev

We are structural engineers and we work with design offices specialized in the field of civil engineering. We help them to prepare and complete the executive drawings on their projects successfully and on time.

We believe that every design office should have reliable partners to implement their reinforcement plans, with whom to communicate easily and save time in prepairing their drawings

Are your projects constantly changing?

Are you short of draftsmen for you next project?

Do you want long-term support for the preparation of reinforcement plans?

Who are you?

You are a team of civil engineers who have to prepare a project in one of the following areas – infrastructure, hydraulic or industrial buildings and facilities. You have a time frame and are currently planning to implement it. Your main focus now is to determine the resources for the execution of the project so that it is of the desired quality and to meet the deadlines. It is important for you to build a working system that will ensure its successful completion.

What are your problems?

You see that your team is torn between different activities – design, preparation and verification of drawings, communication with builders and subcontractors. Your resources related to drawing reinforcement plans are either insufficient or completely lacking. Projects are constantly evolving, and you do not have the necessary flexibility in your team of draftsmen and the work begins to stall. There is no one outside the team to trust in the long run for the execution of your drawings. You worry that if you choose the wrong subcontractor, you will waste valuable time adjusting, communicating, and correcting the drawings.

What do you need
most now?

What you need most now is a trusted partner in the preparation of working drawings for your projects and a team that not only implement the received input information, but is able to anticipate possible difficulties and respond in time with new proposals. You need people to rely on in dynamic and stressful situations as input evolves. Last but not least, you want the communication between your team of engineers and draftsmen to go smoothly and the projects to be carried out with ease.

See how we can help you prepare and complete the executive drawings on your projects successfully and on time.

What our clients say about our work

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend this company. Every member of Kreyo is pleasant, professional, curious and concerned which are advantages that can serve any client.
Nicolas METGE
Vinci Construction France
We knew the quality of Kreyo's services and their professionalism even before we started working with them. The realization of the reinforcement plans for the level S0 and S1 slabs of Saint Denis Pleyel station on line 16 of the Grаnd Paris project was not a simple exercise. The very constructive back and forth with Kreyo’s team helped us a lot.
Alberto FRAU
BIEP-Eiffage Génie Civil
Our technical office in Paris recommended us KREYO. Based on the Detailed Design we had, KREYO produced high quality shop drawings. Instead of simply developing the Detailed Design, they looked at the details and even solved some issues (too high steel ratios) that the original designer had missed..
Vinci Construction Grands Projets

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Do you need trusted partners in the preparation of executive drawings for your projects?

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