I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with KREYO. During several years their knowledge and expertise in the production of formowrk and reinforcement plans was a huge advantage to our entire office. They have a great sense of communication so that every problem is well reported so that we could find a solution together and in time. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend this company. Every member of KREYO are pleasant, professional, curious and concerned which are advantages that can serve any client.

Nicolas METGE (17th May 2017)


I have been working with KREYO, Kremena and her team for now 7 years. What a great partner for reinforcement drawings and bar bending schedules! KREYO is fully project committed, reliable and always meets target deadlines. I strongly recommend working with them.

Thibaut LETEVE (7th July 2018)


Based on the Detailed Design we had, KREYO produced high quality shop drawings. Instead of simply developing the Detailed Design, they looked at the details and even solved some issues (too high steel ratios) that the original designer had missed.  Moreover when we decided to modify the original design (precast slabs to cast in place slabs), we asked KREYO if they could, in addition to the shop drawings production, make this change in the original design. They made the job which was particularly difficult since they had to respect the Dominican codes which were only in Spanish and completely new for them.

Maxime ZAGHET (23rd April 2020)


I have always worked with subcontractors throughout my career, with varying degrees of success. The most difficult issues in our projects with which KREYO was able to help us were alerts on problematic subjects, feasibility in relation to calculation notes, and respect for deadlines.

Mustapha ABOUKAL (22nd February 2021)



We knew the quality of KREYO's services and their professionalism even before we started working with them. The realization of the reinforcement plans for the level S0 and S1 slabs of Saint Denis Pleyel station on line 16 of the Grаnd Paris project was not a simple exercise. The very constructive back and forth with KREYO’s team helped us a lot.

Alberto FRAU (4th March 2021)



At the beginning of our collaboration with KREYO, we had concerns about coordinating studies and plan execution. The deadlines were often tight, and we weren’t sure if we could meet them. Fortunately, the KREYO team greatly assisted us by producing reinforcement plans quickly and accurately. Thanks to positive references and my own experience, I was able to confidently decide to work with KREYO.

Marta DEL PALACIO  (13th October 2023)