KREYO offers a complete design of residential, public and industrial buildings, as well as the preparation of technical drawings of reinforced concrete and steel structures.

Our team is specialized in the production of the complete technical documents of the above mentioned constructions – starting from the initial formwork plans in pre-draft stage to the executive reinforcement drawings in working stage.

Thanks to our engineering knowledge we understand how actually the structure works and we can optimize the reinforcement that is put in place. This knowledge also allows us to communicate with our clients other possibilities of assembling the reinforcement on site so that it is easier to build.


Technical drawings of buildings and facilities

KREYO has extensive experience in the field of preparation of formwork and reinforcement plans, details and shop drawings. The work is divided into three main stages. The first involves evaluation of the period of elaboration and the degree of complexity of the particular project. The second stage represents the initial work on the project and ongoing monitoring. In the third final stage adjustments to the project are made, if necessary, then internal control on the part of our team is carried out and the final version is sent to the customer.

Another large part of our work is the assembly and detail plans for construction with prefabricated construction elements. Very often the use of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements is required on the sites – that is the case with the use of prefabricated slabs for the implementation of the upper construction of certain road bridges, as well as in the projects for piers of ports for facilitating the covering of a large built-up area.

At KREYO we developed a system for preparation of technical drawings that allows us to create plans that are correct, on time and also with great detailing. Thanks to this system our clients save time on the preparation and the control of our drawings.

BIM Modeling

Compared to the traditional 2D design, the construction models created via the BIM technology facilitate the entering of information about each part of the structures, help the quality control and revision management. In this method the whole construction documentation is created and entered in a centralized BIM model. Thus the different specialists can communicate the parameters of a building much more easily and quickly. Misunderstanding between the different participants in the project is avoided, which saves customers’ time and money.

Thanks to the BIM software we work with our customers can count on accuracy in the projects, more rigorous processing of the documentation accompanying the project, high quality and optimization of materials and resources.

Design of building structures

 KREYO’s experience in the field of designing building constructions, combined with an understanding of the latest trends in this field helps us offer quality solutions to our customers.

Our team is specialized in the preparation of structural projects, each of which includes a structural part, which can be completed in several phases-during the preliminary project phase and the execution phase.

Due to its participation in large-scale international projects our team continuously acquires technical skills that allow us to deal with each challenge in the most suitable way.