How to eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

The same is valid for a bigger task or project.

In our job we often work on large facilities and projects that usually contain many drawings in “A” over “A0” sheet format.

Sometimes we have to present so much information in one drawing that even “A0” is not enough and we have to divide one drawing into several parts. Of course, we must also comply with the deadline set by the client.

Then we have many questions…. How to properly distribute the information so that it is easy to read for all participants in the project, not to miss any detail while in a hurry, how to optimize the execution time of the drawing and fit into the schedule?

First of all :

We organize a meeting with the client to understand how he thinks the information should be presented and to synchronize his wishes with the real possibilities of implementation.

Then :

We meet with the people from our team who will work on the project and distribute the tasks. The tasks are divided regarding several factors – who is best in what, who how fast works, whether it is possible to perform certain tasks independently of each other or a certain sequence must be followed.

Before we start work :

We make a list of all the elements that must be present in the drawing. According to the dead deadline, we determine the time for execution of each stage of the work, taking into account the deadline for submission of the drawing.

Only then :

We start work on the drawings. Following this sequence of actions, we guarantee that we will not miss anything, even if the deadlines press us because we have made a preliminary work plan.

The customer is calm because we have listened and taken into account his requirements and he knows what end product to expect.

The work process is optimized and meeting the deadline happens without stress.

You can check some of our projects here:

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