Technical drawings of buildings and facilities

KREYO has extensive experience in the field of preparation of:
– Formwork plans: drawings, used in the construction of reinforced concrete constructions in which the dimensions and the position of the elements of the construction are specified.
– Reinforcement plans: drawings, containing information about the distribution, type and quantity of the reinforcement steel in the given construction.
– Detail and shop drawings – drawings of steel structures: manufacturing drawings that include information about the size, openings and other details necessary for the production of the structural elements.
Our team prepares drawings of bridges, tunnels, underpasses and overpasses, railway stations, wastewater treatment plants, piers of ports, offshore platforms, dam walls, waste sorting plants, plants for production of cement, temporary structures such as shelters and strengthening of trenches, other functional facilities, pedestrian overpasses, public buildings, residential buildings, etc. The time for preparation of a drawing is strictly individual for each project – it can take anywhere from one week to about a year.
The work is divided into three main stages. The first involves evaluation of the period of elaboration and the degree of complexity of the particular project. The second stage represents the initial work on the project and ongoing monitoring. In the third final stage adjustments to the project are made, if necessary, then internal control on the part of our team is carried out and the final version is sent to the customer.
The largest project that KREYO still works on is going on for about a year and four engineers from our team and 6 engineers from our partner’s team are working on it continuously. The project is scheduled to end in September this year, regarding the delivery of the drawings.
Another large part of the work of KREYO are the assembly and detail plans for construction with prefabricated construction elements. Very often the use of pre- fabricated reinforced concrete elements is required on the sites – that is the case with the use of prefabricated slabs for the implementation of the upper construction of certain road bridges, as well as in the projects for piers of ports for facilitating the covering of a large built-up area.