How to be sure that our reinforcement plans will be completed on time?

When you start a new project, there are many questions you need to answer before you start – how many people you need, what information you need to present in the project, what is the dead line you need to respect, etc.

If we talk about the preparation of reinforcement plans, one of the most important questions is what the implementation time is. First, because the deadline for the preparation of the reinforcement plans depends on the pace of construction site, on the other hand, because the deadline for the production of the reinforcement plans is linked with the organization within the design office team.           

The delay in preparing the reinforcement plans has consequences for both the site and the design office. Construction will be delayed and customers will find it difficult to trust the design office’s judgment in scheduling blueprint release schedules.           

Here comes the question: how do you ensure that your plans will be completed on time? Very simple – plan!           

In our work over the years on different projects, we found that there are several main steps when planning a project. On some of them you cannot influence, such as the deadline set by the customer. But on other processes we are quite capable of planning and managing them in such a way that we do not become victims of circumstances.            

Here are these processes in chronological order:

Know the deadline by which you must submit each project plan.           

In this way, any surprises can be avoided because you will know the chronological order in which you must prepare the plans and you can manage the priorities from the start.

Determine how many plans you have to do, how many, and which team members you need to assign to the project to complete it within the required time frame.

It is very important at the very beginning to be aware of the number of plans, their format, scale and level of detail so that you can distribute the work in your team as well as possible.

It will also help you to know earlier if you can meet the deadline with your team members. If you know more details about the contents of the drawings, you can decide which member on your team will take on the tasks in order to be most efficient in their work.

Plan extra time so that you can react if there are changes in the project.

Often, when we plan our work on a project, we completely forget that in design and construction, things can evolve before reaching the final phase. And then comes a critical moment – you run out of people, you run out of time, you make mistakes, you fall behind schedule or you have to stop the whole construction process. Finally everyone is frustrated. This can be avoided very easily by simply adding one more day to the estimated time for the execution of the plans. Certainly the customers or the people on the construction site can say that the estimated plan is too long and someone else could do it faster. But in any case, they will be more satisfied to receive precise plans which will allow them an unimpeded construction and an easy control, instead of having badly made plans, which will cause delays in the delivery of reinforcement, the works on the site will be stopped and they have to spend more time checking all the documents.         

These three steps seem simple and many people are probably familiar with them. Unfortunately, even if we know something without applying it, it will not bring us the desired result. In our design office, we follow these three steps in the preparation and implementation of each project. In this way, we guarantee that the drawings we are working on will be finished on time and in the best possible way.         

If for you it is important that your reinforcement plans are correct, made according to the project schedule and easily readable for people on site, contact us so that we can discuss with you what your situation is and how we can help you. 

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